Advanced Tracking

Advanced Tracking Option (Fleet Management Option)

Our Advanced option combines all of the benefits and features of our Basic and Premium options into one convenient package. Additional features include the ability to see and download your vehicle’s previous movements (s). You can download up to 90 days’ worth of car history at a time.

How to Check History:
After logging in using your username and password, you will see the following: is the website address.
fleet is the user name.
tracker is the password.

  • When you click on the graph icon, a box will appear.

2) Select the plus sign (+) at the bottom left of the screen, next to the refresh symbol.

  • Click on the Graph icon then a box will open

2) Click on the + icon at the bottom left beside a refresh icon

3) Fill in the blanks with any name you like (For identification purposes)

4) Select Drives and Stops from the Type drop-down menu.

5) Choose an object

6) Uncheck the Show Coordinates box on the right-hand panel.

7) Select the Show addresses option.

8) Select the time interval you desire to download, and then click on Generate to begin downloading.

To view the history of downloads, navigate to the download folder on your device (Tablet or Computer).

Laptops, iPads, and tablets are the only devices that allow you to see and download historical records in the HTML, PDF, and EXCEL formats. Mileage computation, history record, over-speed alert, zone in/out, events, services, and other features are included in the Fleet Management options.

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