Basic Tracking

As their name implies, vehicle tracking systems allow you to track cars in real-time as one of their most fundamental purposes. Driver behavior analysis, vehicle maintenance reminders, journey history, fuel management, and dispatching are among the other features. To avoid theft, the system sends out notifications and alerts, as well as complete reports.

Tracking with the Simple Option

After completing the installation process, we will move forward by providing the tracker number from our technicians. We have collaborated with MTN because of their enormous commitment to inclusiveness, but Tracker may operate on any conventional network. You can save your tracker number in your phone and notes for future use.

Location: If you want to know where your vehicle is right now. Then, you can call the tracker number. After that, you will receive instant messages. You can see how all of this works in the image below.

Click on the Google link within the text message to see the location of the vehicle on your phone either on browser or Google map (Note that your phone must be internet enabled and connected). Result will appear like below image:

Zoom in and out on map with your two fingers for more accurate and understandable results.

Engine Control: This is one of the most amazing features of our tracker. Using our tracker will give you full access to control your engine. You can easily stop the engine of your vehicle in the case of theft, robbery, unauthorized entry, or when the driver drives the car somewhere you did not direct him to.

  • stop123456

Send these commands as a text message to the tracker number, and the car’s engine will shut down in a matter of seconds. Lowercase is preferable for the commands.

  • resume123456

The car engine will start when the above command is sent by text message to the tracker number. Start the car by simply inserting the key. Everything will go smoothly.

Voice Monitoring: The driver of the vehicle has the ability to hear any communication taking place inside the vehicle in real-time, whether it’s an actual conversation or some music.

  • monitor123456

The aforementioned command will change the tracker’s default tracking mode to monitoring mode. When you issue this command, your tracker will respond, “Monitor OK.” The tracker number will ring and connect you to the vehicle, so go ahead and do that.

  • tracker123456

Above command will switch the tracker back to tracking mode. It is important for Basic Option customers to do this in order to be able to get the location when next they call the tracker number. You don’t need to be sending “tracker123456” all the time before tracking. Only do it whenever you switched to monitor mode.

Password Change: “123456” is the factory/default password and you can change at any time you want for security reasons.

  • password123456 778899

Above command will change factory password to “778899”. You password must be 6 digits. Please note that 778899 is just an example, you can use any figures as long as it is 6 digits.

Next time you want to stop the engine of the car, the command will look like: stop778899 and resume778899 activate the vehicle engine.


There are 5 numbers to be allowed to authorize in the tracker at most.

Call and track the tracker device for 10 times from cell phone in success, it will make the cell phone number as the authorized number automatically, and reply “add master ok”.

Authorization: Send SMS “admin+password+space+cell phone number” to set up an authorized number, the other authorized numbers should be set by the first authorized number, if the number is successfully authorized, the unit will reply“ admin OK” by SMS.

Delete Authorization: Send SMS “noadmin+password+space+authorized number” to delete the authorized number.

Many individuals want to know how a vehicle monitoring system may help fleet managers. What are the benefits of using it, and why should it be used?

To respond, there are numerous advantages! There are numerous advantages to using a car tracking system, ranging from cost savings and insurance discounts to increased employee and fleet safety and customer service.

Maintenance of Vehicles:
A car tracking system will notify you whenever the vehicle requires maintenance. It guarantees that all vehicle servicing requirements are met, reducing the risk of unexpected fees and damages.

Employee Monitoring:
A vehicle tracking system keeps track of not just the vehicle but also the driver. A live map is provided by the system, which is updated virtually quickly. You can also receive warnings if your employee or driver engages in non-compliant behavior, such as sudden braking, speeding, or swervin , using contemporary tracking software. With such preci e data, you can easily keep track of each driver and how well they adhere to company policies and traffic laws.

Downtime is reduced:
This method will assist you in determining the most effective routes, hence increasing productivity and reducing downtime. It assists delivery firms in ensuring that all deliveries are completed on schedule while reducing fuel expenses. As a result, both your reputation and company overhead expenses improve.

Increased Security:
You can keep track of whether your work vehicle is in a safe location if you know its current position. Some GPS monitoring systems have an SOS button that the driver can use if they become stranded and require assistance. The button will quickly send an alert to the fleet manager, who will dispatch assistance as soon as feasible. If the manager is aware of the vehicle’s current location, they will determine which car to dispatch to the emergency.

Asset Management:
You can easily track all of your assets once you have access to each vehic le’s current position. They can be quickly recovered if they are lost or stolen. Furthermore, some systems can monitor things like vehicle temperature, engine oil, the gasoline level, etc.

Instant Notifications:
Geofencing is a feature found in-car monitoring systems that allow you to create a safe zone for your employees or even a business zone. You will get a notification when your car leaves the pre-set area, preventing drivers from going to non-work locations or entering dangerous zones. In the same way, if you press the SOS button, you will receive immediate alerts in the event of an emergency.

Reduces the amount of time spent on the road:
Because of the ongoing real-time monitoring, the tracking technology also prevents personnel from idling their engines unnecessarily. In addition, the fleet manager can search for better routes with less traffic or no delays due to roadworks or other factors. It results in less time spent on the road, a higher number of trips per day, and better products while consuming less gasoline.

Paperwork is reduced:
As everything gets digital, you’ll have less paperwork to deal with because you’ll need one app for all your fleet-related data needs. There is no requirement to manually record anything when using the app or website to check the location. It eliminates errors that can arise when tasks are completed manually.

Customer Satisfaction Has Increased:
All of the advantages above lead to increased consumer satisfaction. For delivery companies, more production and more efficient routes guarantee more excellent service.

You can reduce your fleet expenditures significantly by improving fuel management, eliminating drivers’ irresponsible behavior, and better time management.

If you want to track the target tracker device when it enters into another country, you must add the country code before the cell phone number, for example, send SMS “admin123456 2348060306353” to the device. Note: 08060306353 will be set up as the authorized number.

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