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Motorcycle theft is a reality, as much as it is an unwelcome occurrence. As a result, excellent tracking systems that provide monitoring and stolen recovery services are vital for motorcycle owners. Our Bike Tracker device installation Nigeria service has proven beneficial in this aspect. Because of the efficiency of our product and the excellent level of service that we provide, we have had a lot of success in retrieving stolen motorcycles. Our team works to ensure that our customers receive a professional solution tailored to their specific demands and always receive a superior product and service.

The following are some of the advantages of using our bike tracker:

Bike Safety: How to Remain Calm and Continue Cycling

Whether you are cycling in a vast metropolis or a rural location, it’s critical to stay safe and secure with your bike. Make sure you are following correct bike safety procedures, such as wearing a helmet, using lights between dusk and sunrise, maintaining bike repairs and tire inflation, dressing appropriately, and according to the regulations of the road.

It can feel like you are at the mercy of others when cycling, especially when riding alongside cars and lorries. With an intelligent brake light that flashes brighter if you brake unexpectedly, the Curve Bike light and bike GPS tracker allow you to ride confidently. If you need help keeping your bike safe from theft or damage, lock it up and use our App’s Security Mode.

Our bike tracker has the following features:

  • Waterproof GPS tracker with no distance limit.
  • Our Bike Tracker uses low-power networks without obligation.
  • Real-time anti-theft alarm
  • Virtual geofencing, which sends you notifications when your bike enters or quits a zone.
  • When the GPS Tracker is moving, it communicates its location every 5 minutes (depending on settings, network, and coverage)
  • Micro-USB charging, battery life of 2 to 1 month
  • Due to its unique key, it is difficult to delete.

Always observe the rules of the road. Even if you have the right of way, exercise caution when passing through crossroads and congested locations. Invest in a good helmet and any other protective equipment you might need. Any loose apparel that could get caught in your bike chains should be avoided.

Our Bike Tracker is the most convenient and safe way to enjoy this method of transportation. It also allows you to leave your two-wheeler alone in the street without the worry of it being stolen, even at night.

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