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Common Frequently Asked Questions In Car Tracking

Tracking with APP and Computer?

Premium and Advanced Option subscribers get to download our Award winning mobile App to track their Vehicles. Also they can track on web browsers on their smartphone, tablet, i-Pad and PC. Basic Option is limited to default traditional way of tracking only.

How do I view and print out History Reports?

You get to view, download and print out history reports of your vehicles whereabouts up to 3 months to make informed decisions. You can view the reports in PDF, EXCEL or HTML (Preferred) formats.

Only Advanced Option gives you this features. Kindly visit to have a comprehensive view.

How do I view history movements of my vehicles?

This feature is only available with our Advanced Option package. You get to play back on Map previous travel locations and routes of your vehicle for up to 3 months. To see how to play back history movements, please see

This is different from History Reports.

How often does your device sent update to server?

Get up to the minute location information with a Auto Tracker Nigeria real time GPS tracker. Basic Option gives you real time location On Demand via SMS and google link. Premium and Advanced Options send vehicles location to our server every 30 seconds which allows real time update of your vehicle’s location.

How does Back-Up Battery works?

Our tracking devices have inbuilt lithium battery that can power device for several hours after main battery of the vehicle is disconnected. Tracking device will continue charging back once the main battery is fixed back to the vehicle.

What do you mean by Over-Speed Alert?

Tracker will send you a notification (Email or PUSH alert) whenever your driver violates the preset speed limit. Click to have more knowledge.

What is Geo fencing and how can I enable it?

Geo fencing is declaring a particular area or region where you want to limit the operation of your driver or vehicle. For example, you can Geo-Fence entire LEKKI in Lagos (This means you don’t want your vehicle to go beyond Lekki axis), Tracker will notify you via email or PUSH notifications anytime your vehicle breaches the predefined boundaries. To know how to set up this service, kindly visit to get more info.

This is only possible with our Premium and Advanced Options.

What do you mean by SMS engine control?

This simply means you are liberty of stopping (demobilize) your vehicle when there is suspicious activity or after the vehicle was snatched. A simple command to the tracker number via SMS instantly disable the fuel flow of the vehicle. The perpetrator has no choice than to abandon the vehicle and look for other means of leaving the location.

At your will, you can easily recover the vehicle back by tracking the location, send another command via SMS to enable the engine back.

Demonstration and more information would be provide at installation by our Technician.

What does voice monitoring means?

When this mode is activated by you, you will be able to listen to audio conversation, audio music or any sound in the vehicle in real time. Remember to always switch back to Tracking mode when done. All commands would be given to you after installation; they are very simple to remember and use.

What do I need to know after installation?


1) Customers are responsible to check on their tracker on regular basis to ensure the tracking device is working. We should be notified immediately if deficiency is detected. Unused SIM line for 90 days will be deactivated by network provider as mandated by NCC.

*Call the tracker number and be sure it rings and it sends you back an SMS.

*Open the mobile App to check or login on your tablet, iPad or PC’ browser.

2) Customers are responsible for Airtime on the tracker SIM, each SMS from tracker is N4.00

3) For Premium & Advanced Customers, data is needed for real time updates and customers are responsibe for data on the tracking SIM. Data usually cost N500 = 3 Months = 1000MB (Data & Price can change without notice).

4) Premium & Advanced Options attract N10,000 yearly optional renewal per vehicle if you wish to continue using our server (APP & Browser) to track your vehicle otherwise you can track manually after a year.

Manual tracking means calling the tracker number and clicking on google link sent by tracker number to see the vehicle’s location on google map.

Differences between manual and online tracking?

Basic Subscribers only have access to track manually which is the default tracking. To track manually, Customer need to dial assigned tracker number (Usually MTN number), in few seconds, tracker will reply back with google link (If there is airtime on the line, each SMS cost N4), Customer will click on the google link to see their vehicle on google map or on their phone browser depending on their phone default application settings.

On the other hand, Premium and Advanced subscribers get to track beyond manual tracking. An account would be created for them on our server with Username and Password (Just like demo shown above). They can access their vehicles on our mobile App and also on web browsers on all devices including Smart TV (Samsung with inbuilt browser)

What is mobile tracking?

Mobile tracking simply means you have access to our tracking service on the go. You will be able to know the location of your vehicles on your smartphone.

Please note that we are car tracking company and we do not track lost or stolen phones. Thank you.

What is self tracking?

Self tracking simply means you are in 100% control of your car tracking. You do not need to call a control center to know the location of your car. You can track via SMS-Google link, Mobile App or Web Browser depending on the chosen package – Basic, Premium or Advanced Options.

This is why it is better to patronize real tracking company than insurance. Insurance will never disclose all needed information to you so you can rely on them and keep paying outrageous premium on yearly basis.

How does free Update/Upgrade work?

For Premium and Advanced subscribers get free updates anytime there is major upgrade on our firmware and update on our mobile App.

What do you mean by Fleet Management Options?

Fleet Management Options include Mileage calculation, History movements, History reports, Over speed alerts, Geo-fencing, Events, Services and so on.

Fleet Management is a function which allows companies which rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs.

What warranty comes with your tracking service?

We give 12 months warranty on our device less physical/accidental damage to the device. We have customers across the country that have been using our device/service satisfactorily for more than 5-8 years.

Why do I need to pay N10,000 optional renewal?

We charge N10,000 pa vehicle for continue usage of our server to track your vehicles via our mobile App and web browser on your phone, tablet or computer after a year. This allows us to continue to serve you better year after year.

Customers are responsible for both Airtime & DATA.

Airtime is needed to get SMS feedback from the tracking device for locations and other commands’ responses. N1,000 in a year would be sufficient.

DATA: Data is needed on the tracker SIM for timely location updates to the server where customer can login via App and Browser to access where their cars are. N2,000 data in a year is enough pa vehicle.

Do not hesitate to contact us 247 on 0806 030 5252 or 0809 505 6353 via call, text message or Whatsapp for further clarification and guidance.

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