Fuel Level Monitoring

As petrol prices rise by the day, every industry wants to keep track of its fuel usage, losses, and expenditures. As a result, we develop efficient and intelligent fuel monitoring systems, one of the most essential needs for tracking systems for oil tanks, diesel tanks, and other similar tanks. Anyone can have remote real-time tank monitoring using industrial automation systems used to track, monitor, and control petrol usage and available stock in any sector.

What is its purpose, and how does it work?

The level sensors are installed in the tank. The sensor measures the distance between itself and the fluid and transmits the information.

Furthermore, the data is sent to our cloud server via the network layer via LAN and RS485. The raw data is then processed into more helpful information, which may be viewed viadashboards and analytics by various operators on the other side of terminals using PCs, tablets, and other devices.

Users can estimate how much fuel is left in the tank and comprehend the approximate residues in the tank using web dashboards on systems.

The following are the advantages of using a fuel level monitoring system

  • In many businesses, the most significant overhead expense is fuel. In truth, it is not just fleet and logistics companies that lose efficiency and profitability when their cars fail to meet fuel economy standards; many different sorts of businesses are affected by growing fuel costs.
  • Our company is a pioneer in advanced fuel level monitoring systems, focusing on tailored solutions that meet industrial requirements. The company has innovated by providing its flagship product to the clients, including Fuel Monitoring in Nigeria.
  • Before we get into the main aspects of this monitoring system, it’s vital to note that the Fuel sensor has gone a long way toward alleviating the concerns of fleet companies who have been dealing with a significant problem in the form of fuel theft.
  • We maintain track of the fuel pumped into each vehicle’s fuel tank using modern GPS technology. The fuel tank level is monitored by an electronic fuel tank gauging device. Every time the petrol tank lid is opened, it transmits an alert!

You can generate full periodic reports on our platform, Instant monitor fuel level in real time on the web and on our App.

Below image shows Travel Sheet that include travel duration, length, Fuel Consumption, Average Fuel Consumption and Fuel Cost

Below shows statistics of Fuel Filling before and after

You will get system notification immediately there’s sudden change in reserve within the tank. Explosion or reduction up to 10% will trigger event notification. Up to 10% increase signifies refilling and fewer than 10% decrease could mean draining – Theft. Notification are going to be sent immediately to Owner’s email or on the App of push notification is enabled for our App.

Below is our demo account:

URL: server.autotracker.com.ng
Username: sensor
Password: tracker

Use mobile.autotracker.com.ng on phone browser for quick view on the go.

Tap menu on top left corner
>>> Tap Object
>>> Tap vehicle menu (Far right icon with four bars)

Below is the mobile version quick view:

Why are we here?

Our smart petrol tank monitoring devices are simple to install, use, and maintain. It precisely and consistently measures the level. Suppose a customized fuel consumption report from our fuel monitoring system is required. In that case, we may deliver it directly from the dashboard.

GPS Vehicle Tracking with Fuel Level Monitoring features cost N120,000 per Truck. Installations on Advanced Request.

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