1) Customers are responsible to check on their tracker on regular basis to ensure the tracking device is working. We should be notified immediately if deficiency is detected. Unused SIM line for 90 days will be deactivated by network provider as mandated by NCC.

*Call the tracker number and be sure it rings and it sends you back an SMS.

*Open the mobile App to check or login on your tablet, iPad or PC’ browser.

2) Customers are responsible for Airtime on the tracker SIM, each SMS from tracker is N4.00

3) For Premium & Advanced Customers, data is needed for real time updates and customers are responsibe for data on the tracking SIM. Data usually cost N500 = 3 Months = 1000MB (Data & Price can change without notice).

4) Premium & Advanced Options attract N10,000 yearly optional renewal per vehicle if you wish to continue using our server (APP & Browser) to track your vehicle otherwise you can track manually after a year.

Manual tracking means calling the tracker number and clicking on google link sent by tracker number to see the vehicle’s location on google map.