• team3

    Oluchi UnorjiProdigy, Lagos

    "Auto Tracker Nigeria has been a strong backbone of my business. I have many cars with Uber riding service and I can monitor my drivers 247 especially when they are engaging in side businesses while offline with Uber."

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    Ilias Aliu O.PHCN, Lagos

    I run a delivery business and I have been using Auto Tracker Nigeria for over 7 years, the service has helped in enormous ways, knowing the locations of my dispatch riders and drivers at all time gives peace of mind.

You can’t be too careful.

Vin Diesel and Jason Statham could also be the best escape drivers ever but they become completely handicapped and overly emotional when their vehicles get missing without the maximum amount as a goodbye note.

Do not wait till your vehicle is stolen away without knowing what to try to do. Having GPS Tracker in your vehicle offer you 98% assurance of recovering your vehicle back successfully. Act now and knowledge peace of mind.

Better practice to keep the tracker in your vehicle working perfectly.

We offer specific one-time payments plans. We will go through some of the most essential tips for keeping your tracking gadget running smoothly. A yearly subscription is not required.

  • Write down or memorize your tracker number.
  • Call the tracker number regularly.
  • NCC will automatically terminate inactive SIM cards after 90 days.
  • If you don’t receive SMS feedback, send airtime to the tracker number.
  • If you are not obtaining the most outstanding results, send a master reset instruction to the tracker number.

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