Best Tracking Practices

Better practices to keep the tracker in your vehicle working perfectly.

One of our objectives is to make sure our customers trackers and their vehicle are working perfectly even years after tracker installation in their vehicles. Tracker in a vehicle might stop working due to some reasons like damaged fuse, vehicle battery removal for days, parking underground where signal is weak, damage to GPS or GSM antennas, SIM barred by NCC and so on.

We expect our customers to inform us immediately on our support line on 0806 030 5252 if they notice any default in their tracking. Below are the best practices to keep you and the vehicle secured at all time.

  • Memorize your tracker number or write it down.
  • Remember to call the tracker number periodically.
  • Inactive SIM card will be deactivated automatically after 90 days by NCC.

More Practices:

Send airtime to the tracker number when you are not getting SMS feedback. Also load enough airtime at all time for best result. Anytime you call the line and you are not getting SMS back, it is probably lack of airtime.

Send master reset command to the tracker number when you not getting best result. Contact 0806 030 5252 or 0809 505 6353 for the master password.

Download the manual here – https: //

Note: After calling your tracker number, tracker in your car is suppose to ring and send you back SMS that contain date, time, speed, google link, ignition status and so on.

See below:

lat:6.625188 lon:3.334780
T:17/12/30 16:54,3.334780&z=16

If you tracker does not ring, then you need to be check when last you checked on it. If it is more than 3 months, there is high tendency the line has been disconnected by NCC. We will need to check the tracker physically and replace the SIM or re-register the SIM if the line is still available.

Also verify if there is battery in the vehicle, tracking device relies on vehicle battery for charging power.

If you have an Online platform account with us, you can always use SMS tracking for quick confirmation.

To know more about how to transfer airtime to your tracker number, please visit:

We will always update this page and will will always send you SMS notification on some other tracking best practices.