Premium Tracking

Tracking Using the Premium Method

Tracking with the advance options can be exciting. It includes all the basic tracking option features. In addition to that, you will also get the server access. One of the most prominent features of our premium features is that you can create an account using your username & password. After that, you will be able to track your vehicles via smartphones, mobile app or laptop. Here is the working methodology of premium method. See the pictures below to know how it works.

1) From app stores, get the GPS Server Mobile application (Android & IOS)

2) Open the APP and select Settings from the top right menu (Do not log in yet)

3) Select a custom server URL.

4) Then click ok after entering
click ok

5) Lastly, before logging in, make sure the Server is linked to Auto Tracker Nigeria.

6) Then sign in and unwind. What you get when you log in is shown below.


1) Download the APP (GPS Server Mobile) and Open it
2) Click Settings
3) Choose Custom Server URL
4) Enter then click ok
5) Then Login

That’s it.

Using an APP to track many vehicles within a single account

1) After Login

2) In the top left corner, select the menu symbol

3) Click on the object

4) To trace, click the appropriate license plate number

5) You may see the location and other activity right away on the map by clicking the target number plate

Option for Web-Based Tracking (Premium & Advanced Subscribers)

Please take note that subscribers to the Premium Option can also log in using the username and password that were created for them and provided to them by email and SMS, as shown below:

Username: demo
Password: tracker

Here is what the list of prominent results would look like: You will be able to see your vehicles moving in real time. If the vehicle will be in motion.

With a single glance at our dashboard, you can quickly check and monitor mileage, fuel volume, stop time, idle time, and speed, among other important metrics. By being aware of all of these details, you can improve vehicle productivity and performance.

Tracking in Real-Time
You can watch the real-time location of your vehicle. Location updates will be delivered every ten seconds, allowing the fleet management to have a precise idea of where a vehicle is and when it is likely to arrive at its destination. Real-time tracking enables you to track a vehicle in real-time and pinpoint its exact location.

The Journey’s History
This function allows you to keep track of all the travels your vehicle has taken thus far. You can acquire information about the kilometerstraveled by car, idling, stoppages, average speed, and engine performance by using GPS devices. With good route planning and address tracking, drivers may accomplish their assignments on time and enhance their trip count.

The capability of Recovering the Vehicle Following Theft
If a car or component of a vehicle is stolen, a GPS vehicle monitoring system can assist you by delivering alerts via SMS and Email. You can submit these to law enforcement to aid in the recovery of your stolen vehicle. Additionally, this function can help you avoid the high expenditures associated with purchasing a new vehicle.

Driver and truck safety
If a car monitoring device is installed in your vehicle, it is possible to reduce accidents and avoid roadblocks and construction. Additionally, this device will assist you in reaching your destination more quickly by offering alternate routes.

The Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking
1. Cost savings on fuel

2. Productivity gains

3. Improved, safer driving

4. Rapid recovery from theft, breakdown, and accident

5. Insurance premiums are reduced

6. Maintenance and life cycle monitoring are simplified

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