Airtime & Data Recharging


It is important to have airtime the on tracker number at all time for all the options – Basic, Premium and Advanced included. Presence of airtime allows chargeable activity/transaction by the SIM Network Provider.

As long as there are activities on the SIM (within 90 days), NCC would keep the SIM active but an idle SIM (Tracker number) will be disconnected and recycle by SIM Card Provider (MTN and NCC) under the assumption no one is using the SIM card again.

If this SIM is blocked, the tracker will not work due to lack of connectivity. The only visible solution is to replace the SIM and that will be at User’s expense.

For customers on Premium and Advanced Options, there is a need for Data on the SIM so the tracking device can be sending current locations of the vehicle to the server through GPS/GSM/GPRS modes. We usually provide 3 moths worth data at installation while customers are responsible for further Data and Airtime of their trackers.

Customers need to budget N2000 for Data (1000MB = N500 = 90 days) in a year which is not bad while they can load any amount they feel like for the Airtime. Each SMS from the tracker SIM is N4.00. So do the calculation. If you load N1000 airtime, that would give 250 SMS’. This is enough to last more than 6 month but it all depends on how often you are communicating with the tracker.

Premium and Advanced Options customers don’t really need to be calling tracker number to get locations, they can login on the App on their smartphones or Web browser on their Laptops. Only Basic Option relies solely on calling the tracker number to get coordinate in google link as SMS.

Individual can get Airtime and Data anywhere they prefer but most Data plans are on monthly basis even at MTN office. There are some websites that sell 3 months data validity. This reduces how many times you recharge the data in a year which give you time to deal with other things.

1000MB = N500 = 90 days is most recommended. Note their Pricing can change without notice. It is also advisable to enroll in Auto-Recharge to beat frequent recharging process but ensure you have enough and sufficient fund in your wallet with them.

Example of those websites is

Please note that has no connection or what-so-ever with than just patronage as ordinary user like you. You can visit and register with your personal number. They sell cheap and reliable Data and Airtime. You can buy for the tracker number, for yourself and for me too if you wish but I will prefer Airtime. Smiles!!!

Kindly see the image below to guide you:


Register with your personal number and not tracker number. Feel free to contact the website for more information.


You will need to deposit Funds to your Wallet as seen above before making Purchase.


You will need a Debit Card to deposit fund in your wallet with but go to MTN Office and buy if you have any doubt or not comfortable paying with your Debit Card. Feel free to patronize other platform too regarding to Airtime and Data but not Tracking.

To be sure of a successful transaction, purchasing history would show at the bottom of the website.


Be sure you contact the Website – for further information. Please remember you can buy your Airtime and Data elsewhere especially on your Bank Mobile App or any trusted platforms. Auto Tracker Nigeria only deals with Vehicle Tracking and Recovery Services.

Approximately, you will spend relatively in any amount you wish on Airtime (Remember each time tracker sends you back SMS, it is N4 from tracker SIM), N2,000 on Data and N10,000 yearly for Server Access for tracking with the App and Web browser.

NB: From July 2019 MTN discontinue 3 Months data validity so we took it upon ourselves to provide you data to give you better experience using our platform to track your vehicles but customers will be responsible for the airtime on the tracker number(s).

Tracker (Premium and Advanced Options) needs both data and airtime to function at best while Basic Option does not need data at all.

You can contact us by Call, SMS or Whatsapp on 0806 030 5252 for further concerns.

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