Scope Of Business

We install GPS Trackers in many vehicles, including sedans, buses, lorries, tractors, tricycles, and bicycles. For commercial and private automobiles, we also install FRSC mandated speed limiters. We assure a 1-year guarantee in our all services.

Car Tracker Nigeria

Our tracking software development company has a staff of highly qualified and experienced engineers, technicians, and customer service representatives trained for over seven years to promote and provide real-time vehicle and mobile asset monitoring and recovery.We have significant technical resources and are at the forefront of satellite tracking using GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM (Cellular) SMS/GPRS technologies. Our car tracker Nigeria is a system based on ubiquitous satellite capabilities as the most cost-effective solution for fleet owners and managers of moveable assets.

Car robberies and thefts occur daily in every country on the planet. Nigeria is no exception; we hear in the news daily about cars being robbed at gunpoint, and some are even robbed due to the driver’s recklessness. You can’t deny that our security system isn’t as responsive as the rest of the world. A police report of car theft can only cost you more money in the long run. Even though there is no assurance that your car will be recovered, our country’s system will need you to obtain a report indicating your automobile was truly stolen. You will then be obliged to pay the search price, even though there is no guarantee that your car will be found.

Auto Tracker Nigeria
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