Speed Alert Notifications


Speed Alert Configurations

Note that the initial configurations need to be done on your Computer.

You need to login on your Computer or Smartphone to be able to get real time PUSH notifications in case of any violation of set rules and parameters.

Alternatively, you would be getting e-mail alert notifications if you signed-in your email account on your smartphone.

Below are the steps in setting up Speed Alert for your Vehicle Tracking:

> Login with your Username and Password on your computer via server.autotracker.com.ng

> Click on Settings

> Click Event Tab

> Click the Plus Sign + by left below

> Check Activate

> Give it any name says “Speeding”

> Type = Choose Overspeed

> Object = Select the Vehicle you wish to be getting Notification from

> Speed = 90 (Tracker will alert you anytime the vehicle speed exceeds 90kmh – Increase the value to get less alerts and vice versa)

Go to the next tab TIME

> Choose the days and time you prefer to be getting alerts or leave it at default.

Go to the next tab NOTIFICATIONS

> Check System message

> Check Auto hide

> Check Push notifications

> Check Sound Alert

> Check and type your email address(s) to be getting Alert with.

> Then Save the Settings. That is it.

See below our demo account:

URL: server.autotracker.com.ng
Username: demo
Password: tracker


Below is sample of Speed Alert Notifications. It would be delivered straight to your E-mail inbox on your smartphone then you can make a decision from that. Overspeed = 80 in this case.

You can click on the google link in the notification to get the exact street map of where the vehicle is at that particular moment or just open the app and the vehicle in real time

Feel free to contact us 247 via Whatsapp on 0806 030 5252 or 0809 505 6353 through call or chat if you need further clarifications.

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