Geo Fencing or Zoning


Fencing or Zoning

> Login with your Username and Password on your computer via

> Click on Places tab

> Click on Zones tab

> Click on Add Zone

See the image below:


> Before Naming your Zone but sure you have Zoom in and out to the desired area on the map. Don’t worry, you can always edit and readjust it.

> Give a Name to your Zone e.g Lagos depend on the area you wish to Zone. In this demo, we aim to Geo-Fence only Lagos. It can be done in a street, area, city, state, country or continent level depending on users aims and objectives.

> Immediately take your mouse to the map and click from different ends you wished to cover.

> Then save your settings.

PART B – Creating an Event/Notification

After creating a Zone which you dont want your vehicle to go beyond, you will need to create an event also that would notify you anytime the vehicle goes in and out of the zoning area.

Carefully follow below steps:

> Login with your Username and Password on your computer via

> Click on Settings

> Click Event Tab

> Click the Plus Sign + by left below

> Check Activate

> Give it any name says “Geo Lagos”

> Type = Zone Out

> Object = Select the Vehicle you wish to be getting Notification from

> Then Choose a Zone you wish to target from the lists of Zone already created.

Go to the next tab TIME

> Choose the days and time you prefer to be getting alerts or leave it at default.

Go to the next tab NOTIFICATIONS

> Check System message

> Check Auto hide

> Check Push notification

> Check Sound Alert

> Check and type your email address(s) to be getting Alert with.

> Then Save the Settings. That is it.

Remember to create Zone-In event to get alert or notification whenever the Vehicle comes back to the Zoned or Fenced area. It is same process as Zone-Out.

This is Geo-Fencing of entire Lagos State area.

Tracker will send notification alerts to the owner or manager if any vehicle goes out and come back.


This is a Geo-Fencing of a smaller area of few streets.

See below our demo account:

Username: demo
Password: tracker

Feel free to contact us 247 via Whatsapp on 0806 030 5252 or 0809 505 6353 through call or chat if you need further clarifications.

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